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Tarot Diva Blog – Readers Studio Survival Guide

The Tarot School’s Readers Studio 2010 is now a distant memory but my mind is still reeling from the experience.

I’ve compiled a survival guide for Readers Studio 2011.

Don’t Leave Your Blackberry at a Table Full of Tarot Readers – Returned to the bar, only to discover the lovely ladies of Tarot snapping photos of their happy place on my phone. Thanks for the memories girls. I haven’t tagged you on Facebook . . . yet . . .

Don’t Bother Sleeping – Think you’ll get some shut eye? Think again – especially when you and your roommate gab all night, mulling over the day’s events. After hours adventures wield surprising, Tarot Readers Gone Wild style entertainment . . .

Bring Snacks – Debbie Lake and I did our best to make our hotel room “suitelike.” We stocked up on fruit, chocolate, nuts, wine and snacks to save the added expense of jacked up hotel food prices.

Ground Yourself – Spending a weekend with two hundred creative, intuitive Tarot souls is invigorating. What with all that psychic energy flying, it also can be draining. Visit your room periodically for power naps and grounding practice.

Enjoy Every Second – The Readers Studio is an unbelievable opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with people who are as passionate about the art of Tarot as you are. Soak it all up cause it goes fast.

Integrate – The greatest gift of the Readers Studio is what you learn. Sharing ideas and insights with the readers in attendance opens new levels of understanding. The master classes from Robert Place, Mary Greer and Elinor Greenberg offered dozens of new ways to work with Tarot. All of this inspiration adds up to an experience, that integrated into your practice, makes your Tarot work soar to new heights.

Side note – The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday Night’s Banquet. Everyone dressed up as their favorite Tarot character. I’ve included a clip below from the video that inspired my Saturday Night Banquet costume. Nancy Antenucci staged a Tarot Troop performance in which I was to embody a shapeshifter of Water and Sky. Hey Nance, let’s try this choreography next year!!!

Video courtesy of The Pussycat Dolls and A. R. Rahman.

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