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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire: Episode #11 "Little Ghost Girl in a Haunted Victorian House" with Tarot Reader Rhonda Alin

Allen Poe is an icon of Gothic fiction and left a profound mark on American literature. What if, as a young child, your mom read you Poe's macabre short stories at bedtime?

What impact would Poe's language have on your young, impressionable mind?

And what if you also happened to be a sensitive child who felt and sensed spirits around you?

Rhonda Alin is a tarot reader and teacher, founder of the Northern New Jersey Tarot meetup group and a contributing author in "Scorpio Witch: Unlocking the Power of Your Sun Sign.

In this Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire episode Rhonda shares the impact of Poe's short stories, how she used a spirit board as a conversation opened and what it was like to live in a Victorian haunted house.

Episode links:

New Jersey Tarot Meetup Group

The Ghost Stories  theme song "Lovely," comes from the The Deeper You Dig  by the Adams Family. This horror flick is a different kind of spooky story that will haunt you after it ends! Watch now, free on Tubi:


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