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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day – The Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords in Tarot has always been a tricky card for me to decipher. Swords represent the intellect, reasoning and thought. This is why Swords can be a tough suit. When we place our experiences through our mental filter, we often times make things much harder than they need to be. Sevens on the Tree of Life represent Victory so this can be construed as a winning card. Something, someone, perhaps you, has triumphed.

If you look at the picture on the Seven of Swords the fellow in the cap appears to be creeping away with something. For the longest time, I interpreted the Seven of Swords with being sneaky; cutting corners and a plan that may not work due to indecisive planning.

The Seven of Swords came up for me in a reading once and the person reading said something very interesting. “The Seven of Swords”, he said, “indicates you have taken away from the situation exactly what you needed.”

I fall in love with new Tarot interpretations like I fall in love with members of boy bands. Hard and fast! I was hooked on this new meaning of the Seven of Swords. The Swords the fellow is slipping away with are the new ideas he is taking. The two Swords he has left behind are concepts that no longer serve him. The group of people in the background indicates that you are changing right under the noses of the people you know best – and they haven’t noticed it yet.

I pulled the Seven of Swords while in the midst of adjusting to life back in Manhattan after spending two blissful summertime months in the country. Couple that with my little girl heading of to kindergarten and I was a wreck this week. In the midst of my emotional carnage (yes – I’m being dramatic) I turned to my Tarot deck for comfort as I often do.

Having been gone for so long, I strutted back into New York an entirely different person. My outlook had changed, the apartment looked different, it was as if I’d landed on Mars. Like many of you, I’m a creature of habit so I began to carefully set in place my new routines. I noticed a marked difference this time and it felt itchy and uncomfortable. Yikes, I’ve seen these guys before – growing pains!

The Seven of Swords confirmed for me that I was returning with valuable lessons learned. Many of us talk about all the things we want in life. How happy this or that material thing or lifestyle will make us. We often ignore the fuzzy, in between stages where we adapt and evolve. In the midst of change, we say goodbye to our old selves and this creates a sort of grieving process.

So, I’m waving to the Swords I’ve left behind, to the old ideas that no longer serve me. I’m ready to embrace the new and exciting things I’ve discovered, taking with me just what I need! I’m excited because I’m receiving a lot of the things I’ve asked for. Scared because change is always a bit disconcerting. But more than anything, I’m grateful. And I’ll cling to my gratitude like a life raft in a dark stormy ocean because it is the one thing I know will always carry me home in one piece. And I’m home at last!

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