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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Three of Cups

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups in Tarot is a happy, jubilant card. If you draw the Three of Cups – count on having a reason to celebrate, raise a toast – in your honor perhaps. Remember, cups represent feelings, emotion and happiness.

The Three of Cups and all threes in Tarot point to an interesting issue. What happens when two becomes three? Is there always an odd person out? Does the number three always involve a touch of tumultuousness?

We can think about famous threesomes in pop culture. On Charlie’s Angels, the angels were always coming and going. Everyone claimed a favorite – mine was Jacqueline Smith. The show Three’s Company – the roommates came and went too. Who liked Chrissie the best? Destiny’s Child went through tons of members before they found the right balance.

What about film trilogies? Who doesn’t like to argue about the best of the three Star Wars movies? The best of the Godfather series? The best Matrix?

But how does the number three affect us personally? Does a romantic relationship change when a child is born and two become three? What if there are three siblings? Is the middle child always the odd one out? You are comfy hanging with your best friend – what if your other best friend wants to hang out too. Dare we look at what happens in a sexual relationship when a third party is introduced?

If you are a Tarot reader, how does the dynamic of a Tarot reading change when you read for two people -a couple or two good friends – instead of one?

The number three on the Tree of Life represents Understanding. There is no third wheel on the Three of Cups Tarot Card. The Three of Cups is a reminder that everyone can be included. Jealousy and drama only occur when egos run unchecked.

If you receive the Three of Cups in a reading or as your card of the day, it is worth taking a look at the parties of three in your own life. Examine the dynamics that occur for you when two becomes three. Can you become more Three of Cup like?

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