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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups


Your Wish Will Come True!

I’ve been pulling this card a lot as of late and I’m not complaining. I’ve written previously how I like to interpret the Nine of Cups as simply a wish card. Your wish will come true. The fellow here looks like a genie ready to grant your every command. Cups represent the emotions and we know anything that makes us extremely happy dwells in the world of emotion. The card contains the number nine which means you are close to the end of a cycle, ten being the end. So, the Nine of Cups means your wish is about to come true.

I totally experienced this yesterday without even realizing it! I’m not a girl who likes to go clothes shopping. As a result, my wardrobe is sadly lacking. I went off to a store in search of a Valentine party dress for my daughter. On the way to the children’s section, I happened to stop off in Eileen Fisher. Something drew me to her soft crepe yoga pants and I tried on a pair. Bingo! These are pants that actually work for me. They actually made me look thinner, shapelier and were so super comfy!!!!!! Any woman will tell you that the perfect pant is worth its weight in gold. Go ahead, think I am shallow but those pants were a coup and my wish come true.

Although, the pants were a dream, they came with a catch. Eileen Fisher ain’t cheap, at least by my standards. So, when a wish comes true but it pushes you out of your comfort zone, what do you do? Go with it of course!

Take a minute and think of a wish. It could be anything at all. Now, imagine yourself actually having your heart’s desire. You can feel how happy you’d be. What tougher issues might come up as a result of having what you want? How would your wish push you out of your comfort zone? How would you deal with it and could you make amends? 

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