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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Lovers

The Lovers


An invitation. A Choice.

I find The Lovers tarot card to be one of the most intriguing cards in the deck. On the surface, The Lovers card appears simple to interpret. One could understand it quite literally and take the meaning as just that – a pair of lovers, a hook up, a good time. But take a moment to scratch the surface and a world opens beneath your fingertip. What does it mean to become the Lover in The Lovers card? What does it imply to become intimate with something?

We can understand this card as speaking about sexuality and remember sex can be a beautiful or destructive act. Take your thoughts past sex and think about other things we engage in intimately through out our day. Our thought patterns, our beliefs, our habits. The figures in The Lovers card are open and vulnerable. What do you allow yourself to be vulnerable to? Where does your comfort level lie?

Take a look at The Lovers card. Assume you are one of the naked figures. You stand there unclothed, completely vulnerable beneath an enormous angel. Suppose this angel has come to tell you whatever you want to embrace will be yours. Now, think for a moment. What it is you want to embrace and hold dear in your life? Do we open ourselves up to the beauty of the world? Do we allow new experiences to shape us or do we put on blinders and stick to what we are used to?

Today, I feel the Lovers card is an invitation to open yourself up to life. There is so much beauty surrounding you this very moment. You are an extension of the world’s beauty. I often tell my daughter how special she is, how there is no one else in the world just like her. The same is true for you. Surrender yourself to how absolutely fabulous you are. How fabulous life is. When you make any choices today, conscious or unconscious, make positive, creative ones. Invite the world in and see how truly phenomenal it is!

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