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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Devil

The Devil

The Devil had his way, left, right and center with me yesterday.

One of my favorite interpretations of The Devil card in Tarot is the Devil wants you to have fun. He wants you to enjoy yourself. The esoteric function of the Devil is laughter. The Devil is also your personal spokesman for procrastination. If there is anyone sitting on your shoulder telling you to put something off it’s this deviant little monster. Trouble is, when procrastination blows up in your face, you pay the price, and the Devil is right there grinning, laughing, salivating.

Enter me, the girl who happily skipped through her twenties with no health insurance. Now, all grown up and thoroughly insured, I visit the Periodontist yesterday. The Devil screamed with excitement, handed me a rinse cup and informed me I will be enduring massive oral surgery. All due to my lack of care. Completely preventable. Totally my fault. Devil did a tequila shot in my honor.

On an unrelated visit to my general practitioner – very same day, the Devil quivered with excitement as I changed into the dressing gown. My doctor is the only man I’ve undressed for other than my husband in the last fifteen years. The Devil gets his cheap thrills anywhere. Admittedly, so do I. Have I mentioned said doctor is a stone cold fox? He also specializes in travel vaccinations so when Brad and Angelina call me for a trip to sub Saharan Africa, Doctor Sexy can give me a last minute booster against Malaria.

Doctor Dreamy told me I have to go for a battery of tests I’d much rather avoid, put me on medication I’d rather not be on. It is all very scary. It seems to me, when you are dealing with something frightening, The Devil is right there laughing at you. He’s only your ally when something feels good.

The Devil Tarot card often represents power and control issues. When dealing with anything medical, you feel immediate loss of power and that’s not counting dealing with insurance companies. The only way to regain power and control – act in the most responsible way possible. Really take care of yourself.

If you receive the Devil card in a reading and know you are putting off any doctor visits, I implore you to go ahead and make appointments. When dealing with your body, your health, don’t let the Devil have the last laugh. At the end of the day, you have the power to do what is right for yourself. Burying your head in the sand will only make it easier for the Devil to send a Tsunami crashing over you. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

PS – I only use my medical issues as a good example of The Devil card in Tarot and how this card of the day related to me. Medically, I’m fine. The issues I’m dealing with – totally normal. Not in any mortal danger and in no way am I trying to drum up sympathy for myself. Just hope you might glean a little wisdom from my situation.

“Johnny rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard

Cause hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals the cards.”

– Charlie Daniels Band

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