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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Summer Solstice Spread

Summer Solstice Spread

Today is the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. The word Solstice is derived from a combination of the Latin words “sol” + “to stand still”. At midday the sun appears to stand still in the sky. This is the also shortest night of the year.

Ancient Pagans celebrated the Solstice with bonfires. Couples would bravely jump through the licking flames. It was believed their crops would grow as high as they could leap.

These days most of us aren’t relying on crops for our sustenance. In our modern times, we have the luxury of choosing what we do for a living. Compared to ancient cultures we have tons of free time on our hands.

The fires we light tonight come to symbolize what we are passionate about. Things we want to bring to light. Perhaps, we want our bank accounts to grow, our relationships to reach new heights, our enjoyment of life to be greater. Maybe we just want to revel in the glory that is a warm summer evening with friends.

Tonight, in honor of the sun, passion, intention, and the suit of Wands, I am cooking a spicy Mexican inspired meal. It is being grilled outdoors – of course. We are having a huge Solstice bonfire, will roast marshmallows and make smores.

I’ll let one marshmallow incinerate on the stick and chose something in my life that I need to get rid of. I will gaze at the fireflies twinkling around me and their tiny lights remind me of new beginnings yet to unfold in my life.

I suggest you do the same – find a way to incorporate the Solstice into your day. If you can’t light a bonfire – light tons of candles. Whip up something spicy or tropical to eat!

Treat yourself to this Tarot Spread. Let the magic and warmth of this day sooth, inspire and ignite you.

Carry this light of this Solstice with you all year long.

Solstice Spread:

Place card 1 in the center of the spread and fan out all other cards around the center – like rays emanating from the sun.

  1. You, at this moment – vibrant and alive. The Sun center.

  2. Something that needs to come to light.

  3. A quality you radiate.

  4. How you nurture those around you.

  5. Something that is growing in your life.

  6. Something you are wildly passionate about you should focus in this summer.

  7. Something that is beginning right now that will grow throughout the year.

  8. A pleasant surprise coming to you this summer.

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