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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups

One simple way to interpret the Tarot court cards is to understand them energetically. The Tarot court can represent energies of different life phases. Pages as young children – exhaustive, energetic energy, Knights as teenage – hormonal overdrive energy, Queens – the mature female energy and Kings – adult male energy.

Pages, in this case, would represent endless childlike fascination, play and enthusiasm. Children have laser like focus when absorbed by something. Once we have a grasp on Page energy, we add the suit – Cups. Cups represent feelings and emotions.

The Page of Cups is an aspect of you enamored with depth of feeling. You completely captivated by feeling.

Do you remember the first time you experienced beauty as a child?

Have you ever been absorbed in a trance like state while watching a film or play?

Lost in a piece of music?

Laughed or cried so hysterically you could pee yourself?

The emotions contained within Cups aren’t always good ones. Melancholia, anger, jealousy, sadness are also included in the spectrum of the Cup.

If the Page of Cups appears in a reading or as a card of the day, allow yourself to fully experience your emotions without censoring them. If you are feeling a little weepy, let the tears roll. If you are feeling a little weird, go with it – feel weird. Feeling great? By all means, experience your happiness.

The Page of Cups gives you permission not to ignore, stuff away or tell yourself you should be feeling anything other than what you are.

Emotions are just that – emotions. They can’t hurt you. It is how you respond to emotion that can sometimes cause damage. Often, drug or alcohol addiction will ensue when a person decides their emotions are too painful to endure – they cut off.

When you find yourself with The Page of Cups, allow yourself to ride with your inner state. It can be a cathartic experience. See the little fish popping out of the Page’s cup? Like our Page, you might learn a little something about yourself when you allow yourself room to feel.

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