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The Perfect Lifestyle Guide for Virgo Season 2021 by Sasha Graham

Originally broadcast on the List TV September 8th, 2021.

Are you ready to have some fun?! Its Virgo season and I've created the perfect lifestyle guide for you. The Hermit tarot card is ruled by Virgo. The Hermit focuses on deeply profound spiritual insight. This is the knowledge only we can cultivate for ourselves so we can share ourselves with the world and inspire others.

Virgo Season Vacations:

Beach Bound Baby

Nothing beats late summer and early fall at the beach. The crowds have subsided, prices have dropped, and the shadows grow long earlier in the day offering ample opportunity for candlelight dinners to the soft sound of churning surf. The air might be a bit cooler but the Atlantic Ocean is still warm from summer’s collected thermal energy. Best of all, you might just have the entire beach to yourself.

Cozy New England

Get a head start on fall, grab a warm apple cider, and head north to New England. Fall foliage starts to blaze in Vermont come September. Head for Burlington on glacial Lake Champlain, with a view of the mighty Adirondacks in the distance. Late summer is ideal for hiking, apple picking and maple syrup gathering. Be sure to visit the Ben and Jerry’s Factory and nearby Stowe, Vermont where you can dine at the Von Trapp Family Lodge, American home of the famous children from the Sound of Music.

Date Night Ideas:

LED Kayaking

Nights are growing longer. Take advantage of the way darkness changes familiar things. Embrace an evening glow up situation by searching out an LED kayaking experience near you. Slow paced, guided night kayaking tours have popped up all over the country. Kayaks outfitted with day glow LED lights illuminate the water and aquatic life beneath you, You’ll feel like an explorer on another planet. Not to mention, you look super cute bathed in a neon glow.

Drive in Movies

Snuggle up under a blanket, get some treats from the concession stand and get ready to make out 1950’s style at a drive in movie. Drive ins have surged in popularity during 2021 and you’ll find a wide variety of cinema classics, horror films, feel-good 80’s hits and first run movies playing at drive ins around the country. Can’t find a drive in near you? Hang a sheet in the backyard or point a projector against a white wall for your own private under-the-stars screening.

Fashion Trends:

Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop ~ 90’s are BACK!

We aren’t talking a small 90’s touch here and there. This Virgo season it is head-to-toe 90’s. Get ready to pay homage to Cher from Clueless because this year is all about knee high socks, cropped cardigans over mini skirts. Midriffs will be on display! T-shirts under slip dresses paired with choker necklaces are super cute. Pair grungy boots with a delicate silk slip. Slip on some square toed boots or chunky Doc Martin loafers. Don some animal print anything along with a wide headband, and you’ll be good to go.

Saturated, Bold Colors Make You Shine

Big bold, statement colors are everywhere this fall. We are talking fun fuchsias, bright tangerine, and cobalt blue. These are colors demanding for everyone to sit up and take notice when you walk in the room. Play, experiment and have fun with this dazzling trend.


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