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Perfect Gemini Season Entertainment Guide from Sasha Graham

Gemini Season Entertainment Guide first aired at List TV Show on June 1st

May 20 – June 20 2022


Sasha Graham

Gemini season gives us all a huge boost of energy after grounded Taurus season. We are all reaping the benefits of late spring, warmer weather and gorgeous trees and flowers exploding into bloom. The season is ruled by Mercury – planet of communication, messages and speed – so we’ll all feel like we are moving a million miles a minute. Gemini is Mutable and its flexible, adaptable energy is perfect for the end of spring season.

We have you covered with the BEST of the best of what to watch, stream, and listen to.


Stranger Things


The New Moon in Gemini falls on May 30th New moon’s mark mystery and potential in our lives. This Gemini season has a dark moon right after the return of Stranger Things. It is the perfect watch that reminds us that secrets dwell in the shadows.

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Gemini season is ruled by the planet Mercury which is the planet of messages and speed. That means its is the perfect time to tune into the Star War’s universe’s favorite mysterious mystical character Obi-Wan Kenobi. Access your spiritual side while watching the back character of the man who was trained by the one and only Yoda.


Downton Abbey a New Era

May 18th

Mercury brings speedy ideas to Gemini season. This can leave us feeling a bit flakey and scattered. Ground yourself in the luxury of a new era of Downton Abbey! The Dowager Countess is bringing us to the south of France and if that warm Mediterranean sun can’t slow you down, nothing can.

Jurassic World Dominion


Gemini season stokes our curiosity about the world thanks to the clever Mercury influence. There’s nothing as wondrous as the Jurassic Park franchise based on the best selling novel series by Michael Crichton. WE can all sit in wide eyes wonder with the return of beloved characters and dinosaurs.


Post Malone

12 Carret Toothache

Gemini’s are super social and known as the life of the party. We can all access with energy as we bring our indoor gatherings outside! Post Malone’s got the perfect soundtrack for your next shindig with his new record, 12 Carret Toothache.

Carrie Underwood

Denim and Rhinestones

Gemini’s are known to exude positivity and good vibes and how can we all not feel that way with spring in full swing?!. Boost your endorphin levels and make the most of yummy Gemini energy with Carrie Underwood’s new record, Denim and Rhinestones.


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