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The Perfect Aries Season Entertainment Guide by Sasha Graham

This video originally aired on the List TV, March 28th, 2022.

Aries seasonal energy affects all of us no matter our zodiac sign. Aries is a fire sign. This infuses and inspires us with leadership, passion and the ability to take charge. It encourages us to feel inspired, to make bold moves and take action. Aries Season 2022 is about chasing after what you want. Imagine blustery energy of Spring filling your every move?! That’s what Aries season does for all of us.

Great tarot questions ...

What wants to spring from inside you?

What are you growing?

What are you bringing forth and manifesting for yourself?

Aries season supports you!

MOVIE: Infinite Storm March 23, 2022

Aries Season will infuse you with determination and that’s why Naomi Watts’s new movie will inspire you to new heights. That pun is intended because her character scales Mount Washington, escapes from a blizzard and on her way down attempts to rescue a lone and stranded man. Can they survive the storm in this true story? Tune in and see.

TV: Bridgerton season 2 will premiere on March 25. Netflix

If there’s one thing that Aries energy is good for it is knowing how to work a room and succeed in socializing and romance! The highly anticipated Bridgerton returns infusing our lives with Romance comedy drama and scandal in Regency era England. Aries energy wants you to always come back better than before so its going to be interesting to see if season two can exceed expectations this Aries season.

Music: Michael Buble, Higher March 25th

Aries season inspires us for success in all areas and there is no place we want to succeed more in that in the area of LOVE. Michael Buble is HERE for us, making us tap our toes, laugh with his adorable humor and feel like we are falling in love all over again!

How cute is Buble's music video?!? Looks like the Lover's card to me :D


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