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Tarot Diva Tarot Blog – Lady Gaga/Beyonce Telephone Tarot Spread

Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone video has turned more than a few heads, what with its  blatent prison lesbianism and mass murder scenes.

If porn sales and internet download figures are correct, there is no shortage of demand and consumption for videos depicting hot girl on girl action. So long as these videos are created for the pleasure of the men watching. Examine a female prison lesbian scene and discover the male fantasy, the male point of view, is nowhere to be found. In fact, it excludes a male entirely. What does this do? It pisses said men off. Yes Billy Bob Joe America with your itchy porn finger and youporn obsession, I’m looking at you!

The groups up in arms over the violence in the Gaga’s Telephone video? I wonder how many of them happily popped a can of PBR and eyeballed “Operation Shock and Awe” from their couches. Personally, I’m not a fan of real or fake of violence, but don’t freak out on Lady Gaga, then turn around and purchase Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid for your kids to play on their Wii’s.

Genius lies in the artists who push the envelope. They force us to take a look back at our fragile egos. It is in our emotional reaction to a music video, film or piece of art that informing us, not the art itself.

If you are confronted with something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t walk away feeling icky from that person, idea, situation or art. Use the opportunity to take a deep look at why you reacted that way to begin with.

Let’s use the issues raises by Googaloo’s Telephone video to create a Tarot Spread examining things which make us uncomfortable.

What is pushing your buttons?

Think of an idea, person or thing that is making you uncomfortable, bothered or nervous. With this issue in mind, perform the following Tarot spread . . .

Card 1. What fears does this issue bring up?

Card 2. How is my reaction connected in my ego?

Card 3. When I experience discomfort, what does it provoke me to examine in myself?

Card 4. What can I learn from my reaction to this issue?

Pull a fifth card if you are seeking practical resolution to this issue. Use this card as a springboard for an action you can take.

From one little monster to another . . . good luck 🙂

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