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Tarot Diva Blog – The Judgement Card

The Judgment card – A wake up call. Seeing life from a new perspective. No going back. Will you eve be the same?

Swimming in word soup. Editing. Revising. Rereading. The finished manuscript of Tarot Diva, due in a few weeks . . .

A sense of finality lingers. Once the pages have left my hands, like the Judgment card, no going back.

Write. This book contract granted permission to write. Eight hours. Ten hours. Don’t wait for a writing mood to strike. Write through what your feeling. Write amidst the noise of your day. Keep going . . .

Did I get in all in there? Did I say what I meant? Will people understand?

I’ve found a Madonna lyric with which to open the book. This quote, this song perfectly captures The Judgment card. Hope it can be used:

“Staring up into the Heavens,

In this hell that binds your hands

Will you sacrifice your comfort?

Make your way in foreign lands?

Wrestle with your darkness,

Angels call your name.

Will you hear what they are saying?

Will you ever be the same?

Judgement is the card of salvation. Salvation is typically found via church, preacher or profit. Me? Concerts, museums, art, books are my salvation. Always have been. Artistic expression will always propel your inner Judgment card forward.

When I saw Madonna perform this in Madison Square Garden . . . I fell out of my seat!

To understand Judgment’s implications, watch this video. The gentleman, with horn, singing in Hebrew – The Angel. Madonna – Your Guide. Figure dancing under the cloak? That, my friend, is You . . . and you will never be the same.

This video comes from Madonna’s 2006 Confessions Tour DVD. Thanks Madge 🙂

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