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Sasha's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Emperor

The Emperor

Here’s the Emperor and me grappling with our control issues!

The Emperor creates rule, order and stability. He is the structure that holds the entirety of the Tarot deck together. The Emperor Tarot card is the epitome of masculine, forceful energy.

It is the beginning of a Labor Day Weekend. We have a ton of guests on the way. I’m sipping my morning coffee, making my lists. I become very Emperor like when entertaining. I like to have everything planned out, perfectly organized, so I can put myself on autopilot while cooking and enjoy the company of my friends and family!

One potential danger of the Emperor card is the tendency to become a control freak. I find, if I am in the beginning stages of planning anything, the Emperor comes in handy. Use him to create a solid foundation. Then, avoid the control freakiness and let go and have fun! Have faith that your initial planning was enough to see you through.

Yesterday, I teamed up with my cleaning lady and really pulled the house together. See by blog about cleaning and the Emperor at

I’m about to hit the market and I’ll spend this rainy afternoon making coffee cake, toffee cookies and baking herbed bread with herbs from my herb garden. Baking is a very Emperor like activity too – with baking you must stick with the recipe! Not much room for improvisation like in regular cooking. Baking is more of an exact science!

Tonight, when guests arrive hungry, we’ll fire up the grill for southwestern flank steak. I’m pairing it with stuffed poblanos from my garden and grilled avocados! Tomorrow night, we’re doing a southern theme with pulled pork, smashed potatoes and farm fresh corn. Yum!

The weather looks iffy so we’ve rearranged the boating for Sunday’s sunny weather. Tomorrow, we’ll take the kids to a renewable energy eco – farm to milk some goats and ride some ponies.

I think my Emperor like work is done. My plans are laid. Now, I’m off to the store and will embody the Empress as I pull everything together!

Happy Holiday Weekend!!!!!!

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