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Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Selects Your Tarot For The Week – Page of Wands

Tarot reflects every facet of your life and personality. The cards universally apply to anyone, anywhere. This in mind, Sasha Graham, Tarot Diva selects your personal card of the week for September 27th, 2010.

The Page of Wands

Love: Wands are the suit of passion and fire while Pages represent childlike curiosity and play. Put the two together and what do you get? A fun filled and rapturous week. If you are single or lightly dating, try not to take your love games quite so seriously. After all, falling in love is supposed be fun! By the way, you look super sexy engaging in an activity that captures your inner child. In a serious relationship? Lighten up on your partner a bit. Re-engage in an activity you delighted in at the beginning of your relationship to reignite that spark – then enjoy a slow burn. Mmmmm . . . make like Lady Gaga, play a “Love Game.”

Lifestyle: Wands are expansive, they grow and bear fruit (see the little leaves at the top of the Wand). Did you know The Page of Wands is also a traveling card? She is the tourist, rejuvenated by exploring the world. Time to start planning a trip (if you aren’t already). Open a travel fund for yourself, check your frequent flier mile status and see what deals are out there. You are always your best investment!

Career: You know you are in the right profession when work feels like play. Loving what you do, you can’t help but be successful at it. If you’re not quite sure what profession is your destiny, spend some time reflecting on the imagination games you played as a child. These games may hold the key to your dream job. For a little career inspiration, head to the theater this Friday and check out The Social Network, starring the grooviliscious Justin Timberlake. The story of the college boys who invented Facebook . . . may we all be as successful in our own ventures.

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Dear Tarot Diva,

I am in love with a person who is no good for me. She’s crossed the line, wounding me both personally and professionally. To top it off, we’ve not spoken in months. My head and therapist knows she’s not healthy for me but my heart . . . my heart wants her more than anything. Tarot Diva, what do you do when your soul mate is bi-polar?

Utterly Destroyed, NYC

Dear Destroyed,

Let me first express my empathy to your situation, clearly so painful. The card to answer your question is The Moon.

The Moon card is eloquent to appear while discussing a person with mental health issues because one key quality of The Moon card is craziness. Bring to mind full moon madness. You’ve stated she has mental issues and clearly the situation is makes you crazy too.

We ask questions of Tarot but Tarot, in turn, requests we ask deeper, better questions. I offer you two questions to ask yourself:

1.Do you believe there is only one soul mate for you?

If your answer is yes – there is only one soul mate out there for me and it is her, consider this next question: are you prepared to have a mentally ill and destructive person invited back into your life? The Moon card suggests good possibility of her return. The Moon suggests things will continue to be confused, muddy and uncertain. Like the two dogs and two towers on the card, the insanity will mirror each other, be reflected in you.

2. Do you believe in the potential of finding a different soul mate? A healthy, sane, amazing person who wants the best for you?

If your answer is yes, accept the fact there is an infinite amount of love potential in the universe for you. Now, examine the cyclical nature of the Moon card. Know that like a full moon, this time of pain and angst in your heart will pass. The moon wanes (grows smaller) this week. Use the moon as a magical metaphor. As you see the moon growing smaller in the night sky, feel your pain dissipate. Know that your own personal mental heath is at stake. Know ending your connection to a painful person is the best way to nurture yourself. On the night of the New Moon, October 7th, 2010 when the moon is new, dark and pregnant with possibility, light a candle. As you light this candle, imagine you are lighting a flame, showing the way for a new beautiful, healthy and intensely fascinating soul mate/lover into your life. Invite and reach out for a person who has only your best interests at heart. You deserve to be happy and free from pain!

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