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Sasha Graham Tarot Diva Blog – Major Tarot Mojo

Tarot’s Major Arcana cards signify moments of great importance, soul issues and tremendous turning points. If a slew of Major Arcana cards appear in a reading, it suggests your life is at a pivotal point of transformation. In other words – pay attention!

Tarot art and practice is having a Major moment right now. The next few years will bring an explosion of Tarot as it intertwines with the great leaps and bounds that technology affords us.

To illustrate my point, take a look at this marvelous Tarot video, created by Carrie Paris of Talking Tarot. You will see and hear a lot more from Carrie as she pushes the modern Tarot movement forward in an exciting, accessible way for each and every one of us. Tarot – it ain’t just your sidewalk gypsy anymore – phew!

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