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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Card of the Week – The High Priestess

Tarot reflects all the facets of your life and personality. Tarot applies to anyone, anywhere. This in mind, Sasha Graham, Tarot Diva selects your personal card of the week . . .

Your card of the week for October 19th, 2010:

The High Priestess

Your Lifestyle – The style in which you live

Standing before a handsome French truffle seller this morning on 5th Avenue, he instructed me on how to eat a slivered chocolate truffle “Do not chew,” he said, “Let it melt on your tongue.”

Protesting at first, “I’m not hungry.”

“This truffle is not for hunger. It is for pleasure.”

I walked away, sweets in hand, smile on my lips and pleasure on my mind . . .

The High Priestess doesn’t act on necessity. Her elemental connection is to water. With water comes the quality of letting awareness, sensations, emotions wash over you. The High Priestess reminds you your actions need not always be connected to a specific need.

Your Lovestyle – The style in which you love

The High Priestess is the guardian of your inner self and inner secrets. She tells you in order to love another, first you must love yourself. Love contains trust. Love and trust yourself before you look for love to be mirrored by another soul.

Your Careerstyle – The style in which you work

This week as you walk beneath the light of the waxing (growing) moon, The High Priestess reminds you she is connected intrinsically to the moon. Look for your efforts at work and your general productivity to grow, as the moon gets fuller. By Saturday’s bright and full October Moon, you will have manifested something pretty awesome for yourself.

Dear Tarot Diva,

Should I opt for single motherhood or wait until the ‘right’ partner shows up? Even if that means . . . they never do . . .


Gwen March, San Dimas, Ca.

Dear Gwen,

The card to answer your question is The Six of Pentacles. But before I go into what this card means, let’s take a look at your question. Are you ready to have a child right now? If your answer is yes, then there is no need to wait until the ‘right’ partner shows. Start preparing to have that child in your life today if a child is what your heart truly desires.

The Six of Pentacles shows an exchange of money, indicating your should carefully examine the financial aspect of childrearing. The balanced scales indicate events will work out fairly on your behalf. The two kneeling, cloaked gentlemen indicate there may be a concealed surprise among the circle of men you know. Is there a close male friend who might be willing to father the child with you?

In general, this card says you are in a good place to make a baby happen for yourself. The question really is baby, are you ready?

Fortuitously yours,

Sasha Graham Tarot Diva

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