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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Zip-lining with The Fool

Tarot reflects all facets of your life and personality. Tarot applies to anyone, anywhere.

This in mind, Sasha Graham, Tarot Diva selects your personal card of the week . . .

Your card for the November 3rd, 2010:

The Fool

Fool’s Folly

The Fool walks without looking at his path. The Fool pays no attention to his feet nor the jagged cliff before him.

Taking full advantage of NorthEast foliage, fall yumminess and chilly air, I scooped up my family and off we set pumpkin picking. The pumpkin farm had a two-part zip-line. You could literally zip across the corn fields, landing yourself in the pumpkin patch. I assumed zip-lining was like riding on the back of vampire Edward Cullen. Imagining I was strapped to a hot vampire, rather than strung from a wire, it would be simple. Easy. Fun.

So enthralled by the concept zip-lining, I didn’t see a few dangers till I was strapped up. Never saw the cornfield dropping into a 70 foot ravine gully, complete with rushing stream. Never anticipated the zip-lines were run by teenagers who I wouldn’t trust to babysit my daughter, let alone safeguard my life, “Hey Bill and Ted, doesn’t the safety snap behind the main line?” Wasn’t aware of the massively loud zip-line noise, quite unlike its peacefully quiet cousin, parasailing. Did I mention the 40 mph winds left over from a nor’easter ?

By the time I’d finished the first leg of zipping, I was terrified. Sour belly, shaking hands, I had to hop back on, zip back over the gully and land in the pumpkin patch below. Yet everyone else seemed calm. My daughter, a meer speck, sat watching and waving from a blanket.

I went.

And guess what? It wasn’t half as bad as the first zip! Safe at the bottom, I felt of relief, exuberance and glorious bravery.

The lesson of The Fool card I’d picked earlier that morning? Sometimes like The Fool, you don’t, can’t or won’t see what is right in front of you. And if you are lucky, a misstep will bring you face to face with a big fear (in my case, heights). When you face or embrace your fears, you grow.

Lately, I’ve adopted The Fool’s outlook. If something scares me (within reason), I move toward it. Result? I’m quickly discovering that risk equals payoff when it comes to challenging yourself.

I suggest you follow the Fool’s example this week. Take a leap toward something that scares you . . .

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