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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Using Celebrity Meltdowns to Understand the Courts

Everyone’s talking about him, dare I utter his name? Charlie Sheen, there I said it.

When a celebrity veers off track in a public way, as celebrities have a habit of doing lately, it gives us opportunity to re-examine the court cards in a context everyone is familiar with.

The same way we find personal truth in celbrities ie – Mel Gibson embodies our embarrassing anti-semitic uncle whom we avoid at holiday parties. We see glimmers of our drug addicted, manic brother in a Charlie Sheen rant. Perhaps we even catch shades of ourselves. I challenge any woman who’s lived through the ages of 16 – 20 to tell me that they haven’t had a Britney moment at least once . . . c’mon ladies, fess up.

When we understand the tarot court, we are given a new lense with which to view other people and ourselves. Having keywords to help us remember certain cards can be helpful.

I’d say Charlie Sheen is being a big old reversed Knight of Wands right now.

Here’s Why:

~ We can understand the card’s reversal by the fact his energy is blocked.

~ Wands are the actor suit representing fire, passion and enegmatic charisma. If the x-factor belonged to a suit, it would be wands.

~ Charlie comes from Hollywood royalty, we can examine Martin Sheen as a King of Wands figure.

~ Knight energy is full of hormonal, male “teenlike” energy which explains all the hookers and drugs.

So my question to you dear reader, what card does Charlie Sheen need to help him budge out of his reversal? If you could offer one card’s energy as a gift to Mr. Sheen, which card would it be?

To uncover your personal card of the week read Sasha’s Tarot column at The Dating Symbol.

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