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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The World Card

The World tarot card heralds success, euphoria, movement, travel, bliss and completion.

This morning, the World card appeared for my card a day. Not the least bit surprised, I eyeballed the World card with a smile while chatting on the telephone with plucky Australian psychic, Kelly Isara. She’s invited me as a guest on her show, “Isarus Oracle Radio Show” this Monday night, 11pm Eastern Standard Time.

We talked a spell. The whole time, I stared at The World card pondering that Australia is literally on the other side of the world. Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere and like South America is currently experiencing winter. On my end of the phone, I’m surrounded by summer in full bloom, heat wave predicted all week. My skin is soft, beachlike, smelling of coconut sunblock.

Kelly and I will be chatting about the lighter side of Tarot and how you can easily read Tarot cards for yourself. I’ll even be offering one-card readings for listeners who call in. Give us a buzz if you’ve got any burning questions. Inside the USA, call 888 345-3025. I’ll also be talking about my book, “How to Become a Tarot Diva” due out next spring.

I do hope you’ll tune in as I talk with the other side of the world . . .

Monday night, July 5th at 11pm EST :

In anticipation of my appearance on this Australian radio/internet show, I offer you this classic video, “Land Down Under” by Men at Work. Check it out. There’s even a goofy gypsy psychic in it!

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