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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Page of Cups Tarot Card

Tarot reflects all the facets of your life and personality. Tarot applies to anyone, anywhere. This in mind, Sasha Graham, Tarot Diva selects your personal card of the week . . .

Your card of the week for October 6th, 2010:

The Page of Cups

Why are horror movie kids so scary? Children are wide-open channels. Adult filters do not cloud their vision. If a ghost or demon is looking for an open soul to reside in, what better spot than the adorable six year old riding a bike past your house?

These little horror film tykes might scare us at the movies but a sense of childlike wonder and openness is what Page energy is all about. In real life it never attracts ghosts or demons. The Page of Cups represents you operating emotionally without a filter. You as an open emotional channel. When you hold nothing back you are ebbing, flowing and experiencing emotional health.

Love: The Page of Cups tells you a message is on the way . . . be on the lookout for a message d’amour. Can’t wait? Write yourself your own love letter telling you why you are the most sparkling, gorgeous, sexy thing! Take a cue from the Page’s cup and treat your sexy someone to an intimate wine bar, whisper sweet nothings over your wine glass.

Lifestyle: Pages represent that youthful energy and nothing makes me feel more like a kid than watching an old school teenage horror flick. Wes Craven’s creepy new film, My Soul To Take hits theaters this Friday in time for Halloween. Wes always keeps audiences laughing or screaming. That little fish popping out of the Page’s cup might be saying, “Boo!”

Career: Page energy is about being open to what psychic information rises to the top. Acting on psychic pops and intuitive impulses in the workplace is key in advancing professionally. Check out the book “Psychomagic” by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Learn how to lucid dream, heal you family tree and alter your reality in a positive way. Then apply his trippy techniques to help you excel at the office.

Dear Tarot Diva,

My sister keeps trying to set me up with her friends. She’s even arranged blind dates for me without warning me in advance. Unfortunately, most of her friends are unattractive, and some are morbidly obese. My sister has always been jealous of me, and I suspect she’s trying to set me up in more ways than one. How can I get her to stop? I’m not interested in dating any of her friends, and I have no problem finding women to date on my own.

Buddy Woodlawn, North Dakota

Dear Buddy,

Your card is:

The Four of Wands

Tell me Buddy, would it make a difference to you if your surprise blind date ladies were hot and sexy rather than “unattractive” and “morbidly obese?” Sounds to me like you are judging the book by its cover. Appraising person’s value by the way they look is doing yourself a disservice and saying no to a world of potential.

The universe will always provide you with possibilities. It is your right to say yes or no to them. Who says you must pursue these blind dates in a romantic way? Must you do everything your sister tells you? You have the right to say no thank you in an uncomfortable situation.

Time to step up to the plate here.

The Four of Wands states you and your sister are on stable ground. You love her, she loves you, you are connected. The Four of Wands is also a marriage card. This indicates you’ll be married or in a serious relationship very soon.

The blind dates will cease to be a problem.

Your sister’s ulterior motives are a separate issue all together. Confront her, call her out on it. Find out what emotional payoff she is getting by doing this to you repeatedly. She wouldn’t bother if it didn’t benefit her in some fashion.

Ask her what her true motives are. Be clear that you would like her to knock it off. If you don’t deal with the issue know, there is a good chance it will manifest in some other action in the future. Take care of it now.

The Four of Wands insists you have nothing to lose.

Nip it in the bud Buddy,

The Tarot Diva

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