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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Hanged Man Card – What You Waiting For?

You can’t escape the Hanged Man’s steady gaze when he appears for you in a reading. His eyes peer into the depths of your soul questioning, “What you waiting for?”

The Hanged Man Tarot card represents a pause. Stillness. Seeing life from a different perspective. All excellent things, in fact, qualities essential to growth. But what if you find yourself stuck, suspended like The Hanged Man?

Do you ever pace the house, avoid the elephant in the room and distract yourself with nothing? The Hanged Man may signal procrastination. For a author, it can mean dreaded writer’s block.

The Hanged Man often looms like a sign post. He lets you know things are about to get very interesting. After all, The Death card comes next and Death means big changes. Sometimes, your ideas are so big, grand and important, it is hard to know where to start. Once you make these changes, there’s no going back . . . this fear can be enough to keep many people stuck in a holding pattern for the much of their lives. But you aren’t many people are you?

If you pull the Hanged Man and find yourself stymied, your answer is to take a leap. Change up your scenery. Make an outline. Take a walk. Sign up for a class. Read an inspiring book. Pull a Tarot card and let the message in the card guide you. Do something, anything, even if you do it half heartedly. I promise, it will lead you somewhere . . .

Watch this Gwen Stephanie mini movie in what might just be the theme song for the Hanged Man . . . Gwen may be swimming in Hanged Man energy but with a leap of faith, she pulls herself right out of it. And so can you!

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