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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Empress and Diane von Furstenberg Tarot Spread

Have you seen the “docu” style Amex commercial starring designer Diane von Furstenberg? If not, peek below. In the spot, Diane says,

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I knew the woman I wanted to become.

Fashion was absolutely an accident in my life. As a result of that I was becoming independent and becoming more and more of the woman I wanted to be.”

Picture yourself as a kid. Place yourself in your child’s mind’s eye. Pull out a piece of paper. Jot down the answer to two questions:

1. What do I want be when I grow up?

2. What kind of woman do I want to be when I grow up?

Feel free to substitute “man/person” for the word woman if you want or need to.

Does the first question provoke you to write a standard list of professions? Did you picture yourself as a Doctor, a Teacher, Mother, Writer, Actress?

Notice a difference when you ask the second question? Do you start thinking about the women who inspired and impressed you? The living, breathing women who impressed you? Take a moment to give good thought on who inspired you as a woman.

Asking myself the second question, I suffered a momentary panic attack. The woman I always wanted to be? Have I failed miserably? Comparing myself with the cultured, coiffed, charismatic women I was in awe of as a child, I discovered some similarities but a vast number of differences. In my hysteria, I reached for the Empress card.

The Empress represents you ever evolving, growing and flourishing. The Empress card represents the ultimate female creative force. When you ask yourself what is your unique essence of woman, the Empress answers you.

Diane von Furstenberg/Empress Womanhood Spread

The Empress addresses all matters of self-expression, creativity and womanhood.

Place the Empress card to crown the reading. Pull three cards to answer the following questions:

The Empress

Card 1    Card 2    Card 3

  1. What is my greatest strength of self-expression?

  2. What is the best form of expression for my creativity?

  3. How do I become the woman I’ve always wanted to be?

Like the Empress, You are a Creative Work in Progress.

The Empress reminds you your journey toward Empresshood is an ever-evolving one. The image on the Empress card may be static but The Empress herself is as active as The Wheel of Fortune. The Empress is constantly moving, creating, evolving, decorating, forecasting.

Never feel you have failed. Your evolution never ends.

The next time you are inclined to ask a child what they’d like to be when they grow up, ask them what sort of a woman, man, person they’d like to be instead. 🙂

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