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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Devil and Valentines Day

Valentines Day and The Devil Tarot Card

The origins of Valentines Day whisk us back to ancient Pagan Rome. February 14th was set-aside for Love Lotteries. The names of young girls were placed on slips of paper, tossed into jars and randomly picked by young men. The boys and girls were then coupled up for the duration of the Lupercalia Festival, dedicated to Juno, patroness of marriage. These pairings often lead to long lasting romances. Sounds like a daylong version of Seven Minutes in Heaven, doesn’t it?

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To capture the feelings of V-day, one might be tempted to reach for The Lovers tarot card of the Two of Cups tarot card and they are logical choices. But if you want to embrace the saucy, sexy side of V-day I suggest you pull out your Devil card.

The Devil card is typically understood as bondage, obsession, manipulation and temptation. The Devil card harbors issues of power and control. Becoming a slave to your desires.

Examine the issues of power and control. We are slaves to our desires only if we let our desires own us. We take control of our desires, we become masters of our destiny. The Devil card loses the negative connotation.

Think of the power of your sexuality. Sexuality could be the most profound, powerful force we possess. The Devil card reminds you that if you own our sensual nature, you remain in control. If you give your sensual power away, resist it, try to ignore it or stuff it down, you inadvertently become a slave to it. Our repression wields itself in other forms of negative behavior.

To make the most of this sinfully sensuous holiday, toss the greeting cards aside. Wear Valentino Red. Indulge in dark chocolate, luscious cheese and good bread. Take a bubble bath, light candles and write a love letter to yourself. Write a love letter to your lover expressing all of the naughty things you’d like to do to them. Above all, indulge and please your sensual self.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend V-day alone or with a loved one. Sensual satisfaction does not hinge on another person. Sensual satisfaction has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.

And please, use your sensual satisfaction kindly and safely.

Peek below for an 80’licious video using high fashion, sex and George Michael in one hell of an awesome song! Hmmm . . . who’s the Devil in this video?

Thanks to Elizabeth Hurley and 20th Century Fox’s “Bedazzled” for the image above 🙂

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