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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Sex and The City and The Four Suits of Tarot

Grab your popcorn, tickets and best girlfriends cause Sex and The City 2 hits theaters this spring!

I’d heard that over on Aeclectic Tarot they were doing spreads based on Sex and The City. It got me thinking of how beautifully the four lovely ladies of this popular show embody the four suits of Tarot.

The four Tarot suits are the structure that hold Tarot in place. Suits represent the four elements but how exactly do these elements apply to our lives? What does the element of Air and suit of Swords say about you? Let’s find out . . .

Fans of Sex and the City tend to associate themselves with one particular character of the show saying, “Oh, I’m such a Carrie,” or “I’m such a Charlotte.” By figuring out which character you identify with, you can also associate core personality traits to the elements of Tarot. You can understand a bit better how suits and their elements operate in your daily life.

The above character traits are by no means exclusive and just like you, shades of different suits overlap all the time. Still, keeping the suits in the back of your mind while you catch a rerun of Sex and the City or watch the sequel this summer will bring you a deeper understanding of what Tarot suits mean in relation our lives.

Take a peek at the trailer – I can’t wait!

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