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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Hurricane Irene’s Gothic Writing Contest and Hous

You are cordially invited,

Don’t know about you but rainy, windy, torrential storms send my blood racing and creative juices flowing. Our farmhouse is over 100 years old and when the lights go out, our walls start whispering . . .

You’ve heard the story of how the story of Frankenstein was conceived? Mary Shelly attended a house party of the literary elite over a rainy weekend. They devised a game to tide them through the storm. Each guest was to write a horror story to be read aloud Sunday night. The spookiest story won the prize.

Seeing as the entire northeast will experience storm conditions over the next 24 – 48 hours I invite the writerly among my readers to partake in a Hurricane Irene Gothic Writing Contest.


1. Create a piece of written work that includes the subject of a Hurricane.

2. Write any genre of story, poem, screenplay but you must include a Hurricane within.

3. Length ~ any length.

4. Deadline ~ Wednesday, August 31st.

5. Winner ~ If you submit a finished piece ~ YOU WIN!

The goal is to use this hurricane to get your creativity on! There’s a storm raging outside. Now you have a deadline. You’ve no excuse not to light a candle, grab a pen and paper and get to work!

Submit to me by the deadline above and will figure out a way to post.

I’m making this up as I go along. If enough people participate, perhaps we can turn a short story collection into a book or e-book . . .

Let me know how it goes, stay safe and above all ~ have fun!

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