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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Deck Collectors! Contemporary Magic Tarot Deck Availabl

Ahhhh the magic of an archetype.  Tarot’s strength is its structure. Like the Hero’s Journey, Tarot provides a blueprint to which any story, dogma or ideas can be laid upon. Better yet, Tarot is a trove of inspiration. This is likely the reason the art and fashion world returns to Tarot again and again. Whether Dolce and Gabanna  looks to tarot for fragerance inspiration in 2009 or the contemporary art world looks to shake things up.

In November of 2010, Stacy Engman shook up the art world and filled it with Tarot magic by curating the show Contermporary Magic.

Stacy, pictured above at the opening of Contemporary Magic wearing a card headdress designed by London millner and participating artist Philip Treacy,  reached out to fashion and contemporary art notables to create an exibition of 78 tarot cards including Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westood, Karl Lagerfeld and more . . .

For deck collectors and Tarot enthusiasts, the limited edition deck is now available for YOU to purchase at KLUP Foundation! Purchase here.

My favorite card is contemporary artist Will Cotton’s Four of Pentacles. Cotton, known for large scale portraits of female nudes in candy-coated dreamlike environments, Four of Pentacle cupcake crown is one I would probably eat before I could wear. Isn’t she pretty!?

Will Cotton shot Katy Perry’s cd cover and officially defined Katy’s entire candy themed concert tour. Note the short degree of separation between Katy and Tarot. A stretch? Sure but I heart cotton candy Katy!!! Katy isn’t in the deck, I just wanted to show the correlation between contemporary art and pop culture with a little tarot thrown in the mix.

Other cards in the deck include a saucy Pam Anderson Chariot card created by Vivienne Westwood, yup Pam is enough to get anyone’s engines roaring:

Check out the delicious Christian Louboutin card for the Nine of Cups . . . my idea of wish fullfillment.

Love Aurel Schmidt’s Seven of Cups, so many options to choose from!

Groovy watercolor . . .

Mathew Ritchie’s explosive Ace of Wands may be my favorite card in the deck!

Luv this Four of Swords!

There are 78 images in total and only a limited amount available to view online. The Contemporary Magic Art Deck will be an excellent addition to any serious tarot collection!

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