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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Why Tarot is Sexy!

Why Tarot is Sexy . . .

Intimacy is sexy.

Reading Tarot for yourself or another person creates immediate intimacy. Social niceties are thrown aside like clothes and you plunge into a heady level of communication.

Reading Tarot for someone, you see him or her for who they really are.

Don’t know about you but all I’ve ever wanted (aside from a city home, country home, happy family, two vacations a year, and world peace) was to be understood. To be heard. To be seen.

The Truth is sexy.

Tarot creates a direct line to the truth. How honest can we day we are with ourselves? With others? A peek into Tarot demands, insists on truth. Especially when we read for ourselves! Constant practice with Tarot sharpens our internal bullshit thermometer.

When you show the world you are a force to be reckoned with, when you call a spade a spade – or in Tarot a Sword a Sword – that is damn sexy.

Secrets are sexy. 

We all have secrets. What do you hide from the world? When we use Tarot to examination of our deeper selves, we are reminded of the little nuggets we have tucked away.

Dig just a little deeper. What’s behind your knowing smile?

One of the sexiest men is a good-looking man but what makes him extra yummy is his devilish inner life. He looks at you; it appears he’s thinking about what he’d like to do to you in bed. Saying one thing while thinking another is an intoxicating mix.

A juicy secret or two will always add interesting subtext to your life. Don’t have any clandestine ideas? Use the Tarot to help you come up with one! Start with The Lovers card . . .

Whispers in the dark are sexy.

Tarot is always whispering to you. Tarot weaves truths, stories, secrets, tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen.

Candlelight is sexy.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t look better while the soft glow of a flickering candle caresses their face?

Doesn’t the Seven of Wands look like he’s lighting a bunch of torches?

Light a few tapers and flip a few cards and take a closer look at yourself or someone you love.

Reaching for your higher self is sexy.

Reading Tarot requires you ask more from your intuition you might ordinarily do in every day life. You reach higher that you normally would.

You start igniting your intuition and you realize there are more parts of your psyche, higher parts or yourself. As your consciousness expands, your understanding of the world expands.

You see more, experience more, and become enraptured by the beauty and the wonder of life.

Caught in the moment, there is no room to judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself that’s sexy!

Your Shadow Self is sexy.

 We all possess a deep, wet, emotional, subconscious well – similar to the pool pictured on the Moon Tarot Card. It is out of this well our deepest desires spring. If you keep accessing your shadow well and are brave in facing what you discover – you’ll find depth and shades to your personality you never imagined existed. Self discovery mixed with a tinge of darkness is sexy.

Trusting your Instincts is sexy.

Each Tarot card has hundreds of potential meanings. With practice, you learn to trust your first instincts when interpreting a card or spread. You discover, usually, your first instinct you had was correct.

Trusting yourself with Tarot will spill into your everyday life. Your split second decision-making becomes sharper and clearer.

When you trust your gut, you make decisions authentic to your true self. You become confident and confidence is sexy.

Knowing who you are is sexy.

You knowingly toss your head, you dance through life with ease, you laugh with abandon, you understand your desires, happily reach for them, you enjoy yourself and are a pleasure to be around. When you are satiated, satisfied and happy, you are a pleasure to be around.

Tarot is a mirror always reflecting you back to you.

Use Tarot to gain greater knowledge about who you are and what you want. Cause when you know who you are – that is super sexy!

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