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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles represents a delicate balance. Pentacles represent our material stuff – our shoes, cars, even the dust bunnies under your bed qualify as pentacles. Pentacles are things we can touch, feel and taste. Your pet, favorite comforter, and the sandwich you had for lunch – all pentacles. Pentacles represent our bodies, our muscles, flab, bones and blood. Pentacles also represent the green stuff – our money!

The Two of Pentacles could represent the balance of home and work. Juggling two lovers. Balancing your finances in tumultuous times. The Two of Pentacles is about the managing of your stuff.

The Two of Pentacles holds a very special meaning for me.

The book and film “The Secret” talk about how you can have every material thing you could possibly want just by thinking about it. Earlier this year, I was doing a ton of work on attraction and bringing abundance into my life. You name it – I was doing it! Affirmations, spells, journaling, grattituding – is that even a word?

Then one day I looked up at my messy house. How could I be so busy looking for more, more, more when I wasn’t taking care of what I already had? I bet if you look around you you’ll see how much stuff you’ve got too! Keeping on top of it all is a balancing act. It is very Two of Pentacles!

So, I got to thinking – let me take really good care of the stuff I’ve already got and then I’ll worry about abundance. Trust me, if you start looking around and paying attention to what you already have in life, you’ll be busy, busy, busy!

For example, if I want cleaner, clearer skin, I could go out and purchase $100 skin cream or I could drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat more leafy greens to improve my skin with minimal cost. If I really want a villa in Tuscany and a beach house in southern California, I’d better make sure I’m keeping track of the homes I already have. Because the more stuff I acquire – the bigger the balancing act!

So, I try and really clean out my closet as each season changes. I’m getting so much better at cleaning my house and making is super cozy to be it. When you really clean something well – it looks brand new!

So, I focus on what I do have, try to do the best with that and know in my heart that the other stuff – the icing on the cake – is on its way!

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