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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Two of Cups

Two of Cups


Happy Beginning. Coming Together of Equals. Perfect Match.

The Two of Cups is a gorgeous card! Of any card in Tarot, this is the feel good card. Cups represent emotion, truth and feelings. We can understand the Two of Cups as the happy beginning of a relationship. It could be romantic or it could be friendship. I will often pull a tarot card on what I need to know to be a better mother. When I pull the Two of Cups in conjunction with my daughter, it reminds me to cherish the special relationship that we have. The Two of Cups can also represent you and your work or you and a situation that feels just right.

We can look at the number two in an interesting way. If one, or an Ace, is seen as beginning, then the number two is the first division, first replication, first moment something has grown. It is the first time that something can see itself and it is a delightful moment.

Tonight is a full lunar eclipse starting at 8:43 pm EST, visible above North America. We can look at this event as a Two of Cups moment because it represents a full moon and new moon coming together at once. It can also be viewed as the conjunction of the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine joining.

When you gaze at the Two of Cups think of the wonderful pairs you have in your life. If you were to step into this card and be one of the figures, who or what embodies the other? What wonderful relationships do you have? What relationships would you like to have? There is effortlessness in this card. What things come together for you in a way that needs little work? 

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