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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Tower

The Tower.

The Tower Tarot card. Embrace it or fear it – if you are a Tarot devotee, there are moments where you must face this card head on. The Tower is understood as shock, massive disruption, illumination or an eye opening moment.

When I drew the Tower as my card a day, my instinct was to pull back. Resisting this urge, I looked closer, challenging myself to look at little deeper.

If you ever struggle with the meaning of a card, you can do as I did – I literally asked the card out loud, “What is your message for me?” Then wait and let it come.

My eyes were drawn to the lightening bolt. My message was – I was to have a flash of brilliance today!

I live a stone’s throw, literally in the shadow of the Empire State Building. It was designed to serve as a lightening rod and protect the surrounding area. Lightening strikes my neighborhood over a hundred times a year via that landmark. There’s a good reminder I should stay open and available to a higher power that brings insights and moments of brilliance.

Later that afternoon – the flash of illumination struck me! As I curled up for a cat nap, a genius idea for my daughter’s fifth birthday occurred. I followed up with my plan, made it happen and am parlaying my concept into an article for a local New York Kids magazine.

Lightening will always follow the path of least resistance. I let the idea carry me and I followed through. In “The Secret” they say the universe likes a quick reaction. In other words, if inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate. I didn’t.

Did the Tower card predict this? Did it come to me because I insisted to myself I’d have a brilliant thought? Was I so hell bent on ignoring the negative aspect of the Tower that I made something positive happen? I don’t know.

What I do know, is I’m busy at work and inspired. When the Tower crumbles, it leaves enlightenment in its wake. I’m feeling psyched and excited. Thanks Tower. Guess you are not so scary after all.

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