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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is attached to the world of Wands representing fire, passion, excitement, will and intention. The figure on the Three of Wands is looking over a bay containing ships. The water and boats represent his domain – his life. His excitement is building as he looks at what he’s got. As a chess player surveys the chessboard and plots his next move, so the Three of Wands is plotting his next step.

Would you like a shot at becoming the Three of Wands?

The key to this exercise is energy, energy, energy! You must feel Wands excitement at some point. Wand energy will carry you really far. Wand energy can exhaust you so be careful. If you are just not feeling it – put this aside and try again another time.

Place yourself in the position of the Three of Wands. Take a moment to take stock in your life. What have you created and built?

Glance at the material things around you. Do you have a closet full of clothes, a wonderful collection of books, beautiful veggie garden? Cars, computers, gadgets, homes, toys, your bank account are all included. We humans tend to collect lot of things. Are you someone who holds on to your stuff or do you disregard something when you are finished with it?

Now, survey you physical self. If you have nothing else in the world – you have your body. We have a heavy hand in creating the body we inhabit. Are you comfortable in your body? Are you happy in it? Is there an area causing you pain that you would like to remedy? Could you lose a little weight or gain a little muscle?

Now examine the personal relationships you’ve created. Look at your immediate family first. How are those relationships holding up? Are you treating family members kindly – are they treating you well? What about your friends – the family we get to choose. Anyone you need to give a call or reach out to?

Wow, you’ve taken a moment to look at everything – I’d bet you are surprised at just how much you have. Something you’ve surveyed must have made your blood pulse a little faster.

Now you can do a very Three of Wands thing. Pick an area of your life that excites you the most and formulate a plan on how to move it forward.

Maybe you want to redecorate your house. Perhaps, you are about to commit yourself to healthier eating. Thinking about creating a girls night? The sky is the limit here. The key is to become the figure on the Three of Wands. Survey your rich and lovely life, notice what gets your juices flowing, make a plan of action and take the next step!

Do this and you’ll notice your Three of Wands domain – your life – expanding at a rapid pace!

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