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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups


Possibilities, possibilities! The marvelous Seven of Cups Tarot card reminds us that there are wonderful options available all of the time. Take a closer look at our conjurer’s cups. Why, is that the High Priestess hidden beneath a veil, a ghostly skull lurking within the victory wreath cup? Which cups will the conjurer choose? Which will you grab? Do you crave money, knowledge, danger, beauty, sex, adventure, psychic power? Do you want it all and want it delivered? I do.

If you are anything like me, choice overwhelms you. One reason I adore the Tarot is that it serves me when struggling through my indecisiveness. If I can’t decide, I’ll let the Tarot give me an answer, knowing my intuition is really what underlies my reading of the cards.

Situations exist, however, when Tarot won’t come to the rescue. You can get overwhelmed and frustrated or give yourself an advantage. Stepping back and readjusting your approach slightly, will provide exactly results you need.

I was shopping for an outfit for my high school reunion. I’m standing in Macy’s Herald Square amidst hundreds of designer duds on the 65% off racks. God knows, I can’t spend 10 hours trying to match up separates. I needed a slammin outfit, I won’t pay retail and I’m no fashionista! I need a stylist! How can I get a bored salesperson to really hook me up?

Suddenly, I remember something my marketing coach, Elizabeth Genco Purvis said, “People love to be asked their opinion, they love to be asked their advice.”

I look at the closest sales associate. She doesn’t look like she wants to help anyone – least of all me. I walk over, “Hi. Are there any clothes on the sales racks that you really love?” She got totally excited pulling out her favorite stuff for me to try on. I had found my stylist!

The reason she jumped to help me was that I took the weight off of my problem – desperate outfit help – and made the situation all about her. What did she think? What did she like? What sale items were exciting to her? I walked out of Macy’s saving over $600, outfit to die for, in less than two hours!

Take a moment to think about situations where you become overwhelmed. You may get beleaguered by clothes shopping, multitasking or by really important decisions like what direction you want your life path to take.

Think of one small way you can approach the same situation in a different way. What one thing can you do next time you tackle your choice that is different? How can you shift your approach in a small, yet solid way?

Often, the most important adjustments we make in life are the teeny tiny ones. Then, you can reach out and claim the exact cup you want!

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