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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Swords

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords, the Nancy Drew of the Tarot deck! If you are at just learning Tarot, I have a marvelous hint for learning the court cards. Look at each of their qualities and assign a person, someone you know, a famous person, a character of fiction, dead, alive – it doesn’t matter. Make sure that person embodies the character of the card. For me, this cunning page is Nancy Drew.

The pages are tireless in their energy, like children who never think to stop, take a breath. Pages are absorbed in the wonder of their particular world. Swords represent the mind, intellect and reasoning. The Page of Swords is continually planning, understanding, unraveling, deducing, spying, she’s on a mission. The Page of Swords reads between the lines and exceeds at hatching a plan.

Do you have any friends like the Page of Swords? You know, the sort of people whose wheels are always turning. They are usually a few steps ahead of the rest of us slackers.

Have you ever spent an evening googling long lost friends and boyfriends? This is a very Page of Swords activity and one of my guilty pleasures. Amazing how much you can discover online.

Sunday nights I engage my Swords and plan the week ahead. How I love my lists! Let the Page of Swords remind you to look a little closer, plan a little further. Throw some mystery into your grocery list. Track down Balsamic Vinegar – aged twenty years in an oak casket. Add excitement to your commute. You’re not really driving to work, but tailing a criminal. See if there’s a first class seat available on the next flight to Madrid. Maybe you go ahead and book it! Follow a path that intrigues you. Have fun!

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