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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups – The Open Page

All Pages in Tarot remind me of the inexhaustible energy of youth. My four year old’s legs never stop moving. She is a combustible ball of energy, motoring on and on. She even fights her sleep to the bitter end as if it was a sign of defeat.

The Page of Cups carries with it endless emotional energy because Cups represent feelings. The Page is delighted by what bubbles up for her. This same principle applies to psychic energy. The Page of Cups finds synchronicities, coincidences and connections all over the place. The Page of Cups “shines” like Stephen King’s character Danny in “The Shining”.

I don’t know about you but I get totally freaked out by children in horror movies. Think of those tiny charmers in “Children of the Corn”, darling Reagan in “The Exorcist” and the mac daddy of all kiddy freakers – Damian in “The Omen”.

As kids, my sister and I slept in bunk beds. I on top, would often poke my head over the side and watch her sleeping face with dread. I was sure her eyes would slowly open, be glowing red and that would be the end of me.

Yes, I’ll admit it. Sometimes, I get a little frightened when checking on my daughter late at night. What if she is levitating, chatting with a ghost or speaking in tongues when I peek in on her?

In my teens, I was a live-in nanny. Early one morning, around 2am, I heard a whimpering from the bathroom. Terrified, I crept in and what do you think I saw? Standing in the sink, moaning, eyes open yet fast asleep and staring blankly into the mirror was my three year old charge. The sink was higher than her head and there was NO way she could have gotten in there herself!

I have a very sensible acquaintance that swears she used to float up to the corner of her bedroom, above her radiator, when she was small. My sis will tell you straight faced, she flew down the stairs at age four. She recalls her fear of hitting the wall cause she didn’t know how she’d get down.

For a child, the line between imagination and reality, fantasy and truth, real and unreal is a very fuzzy one. A little kid, in their innocence, is emotionally open and fairly susceptible to the influences that surround them. This is why kids in horror movies are so scary and why so many of us have had bizarre, otherworldly experiences when we were young.

The Page of Cups represents perfect propensity for access to those intuitions, emotions and abilities! The trick is not to get scared and freak yourself out – insert my mother’s weary voice here “Sasha, why do you turn everything into a horror movie?”

Other primary functions of the Pages are joy and play. The key is to have fun being at being an open page. Pay attention to what is bubbling up for you. Perhaps, it is an opportunity to recall the emotional openness of your own youth.

Should the Page of Cups appear for you, think back to the strange or psychic experiences you may have had as a kid. Share them here if you like. Bring this topic up with friends and see what they have to add. Plan a spooky sleepover party with your girlfriends – even if you are 37 years old. Pop some popcorn and play a little “Bloody Mary”. What’s the worst that could happen? Insert creepy music here!

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