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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles shows a gorgeous woman, blissfully alone in her garden. At closer inspection, we see she stands in a vineyard. A chateau looms in the background of the Tarot card. There are vineyards that have remained within European families for hundreds and hundreds of years.

On a practical level, Pentacles represent earth and signifies our bodies, flesh, money, and objects – our stuff. The number nine rests on the place of Foundation in the Tree of Life. It bears the weight of the entire tree on its shoulders. What family weight do you carry?

I have recently had communication with a very distant branch of my family. A glamorous group scattered throughout Europe. They are writers, musicians and artists of very impressive stature. As you might imagine – this pleases me to no end. But, I run the risk of the actor who enjoys his good reviews and must also face the bad ones.

If talent, ability and charm are genetic then it stands to reason so are less desirable qualities. In other words, if I credit myself with containing all those marvelous genes than I must be equally susceptible to the genes of the more sinister side of my family. The side that carries with it a pechance for addiction, suicide, and other dark qualities. Trust me, the lines are blurry and overlap.

In other words, we all love to emulate fabulous Auntie Mame but choose to ignore creepy uncle Ed.

At the end of the day – it is the gift of adulthood that we are able to make choices and ultimately, decide who we are. Through our actions – not by the map laid out by our family.

Still, the book of your life begins with the people whom you were born to. The million-dollar question is what sort of story have you decided to write for yourself?

What is you family drama? Do you pay close attention to your family history? What myths about your family endure through the years? What qualities, habits and family traits do you emulate and what do you discard? Do you think the figure on the Nine of Pentacles is content because she has escaped the chateau or feels secure knowing it will always be there for her?

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