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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot card can be an intricate card to decipher. As with any Tarot card, it carries with it a multitude of meanings. On the surface, it suggests sex, romantic relationships, passion and union. The Lovers also represents choices. The imagery of Adam, Eve and the snake on the tree displays the moment man and woman was formed. Now we have choice because now we have an opposite, an “other”.

The definition I’m always tempted to use for The Lovers is passion! For me, The Lovers card always implies a hint of danger. Groovy, blood pumping, walking on a thin line danger. Danger, because the moment you give yourself over to a passion, whether it is to another person or a thing you are passionate about, there is the chance of losing yourself.

Think about it – when caught in the throws of passion – not another thing exists in the world. In a moment of passion you embody the energy that pulses through The Magician as he ignites the Tarot deck. Rational thinking ceases to exist.

From the little I have read about Tantra, it seems to me it is exactly The Lovers energy Tantrics describe working with. As I understand it, Tantrics say, the life force that leads us to have sex, the instinct to create life, the libido, is the greatest creative force in the universe. Through their practice, they attempt to harness this force.

I pulled The Lovers yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it? Half way through my day I found myself in the midst of a major email flirt with a dear old friend. A flirt, so good, I nearly fell off my chair!

The whole situation is so perfect and indicative of The Lovers card. I have been with my husband for fifteen years and we enjoy a monogamous relationship. Getting married was a choice we made and we both loyally adhere to. I said yes to my husband and no to all others.

But moments of impromptu flirting are priceless in energizing that quality the Tantrics work with. A perfect opportunity for you to experience that thrilling, erotic and exciting Lovers energy, running wild.

I choose to take that energy, excitement and sense of danger and funnel it into my work and my husband. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t walking with a little extra spring in my step today!

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