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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Empress

The Empress

Every now and then, a tarot card will act as a lifeline. The cards provide an answer that is sheer perfection and crystal clear.

Today, the Empress leaped out of the deck, threw her perfumed arms around me and told me exactly what I needed to hear. “Darling,” she whispered, “the way out of your little funk is to start doing. . .”

The enchanting, heavenly Empress of the Tarot deck represents creativity and regeneration. The Empress can’t stop herself from inventing, making, producing. She fashions things beautifully, she decorates, and she cooks, she writes, reads, paints. She is the end all, be all in the act of creation.

I feel like a hot mess. My yoga classes flew out the window last week. My husband and I partied like teenagers at a weekend wedding in the Berkshires. I’m not eating healthy. I’ve skimped on sleep. My forward progress has halted. My daughter’s school is about to end. I’m not prepared for summer. Aughhhhhh!

I glance at the Empress card again. “Take a look at me honey,” says the Empress. “See how gorgeous and calm I am. I AM YOU. Now, relax. Where’s your to-do list? Let’s get to work. If you only do one thing today – do it gorgeously!”

With the Empress by my side, I feel renewed. I have a lovely list of things to attend to, an afternoon full of potential and the magic of the Empress surrounding my every gesture.

In the midst of your busy life, let the Empress remind you of the beauty of creation. Beauty that springs from the act of doing. Infinitely more attractive than sitting around complaining about what we aren’t doing.

Pick one thing – it could be something tiny. Perhaps, a flower arrangement, your dinner or an email to a friend. See just how stunning you can make it. Beautiful things aren’t always complicated. The magazine Real Simple revolves around the attractiveness of simplicity. Let your act be a metaphor for the gorgeousness you are capable of when caught in your own act of creation.

You are beautiful.

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