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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Emperor

The Emperor – The Emperor Cleans House!

The Emperor brings order to the Tarot deck. He commands from his throne and the stable, sturdy number Four. The Emperor is the epitome of raw male energy and power.

The Emperor Tarot card can represent an aspect of you, a situation or an authoritative male figure. The Emperor is stubborn and rock solid.

The Emperor creates systems and expects them to be followed! Cleaning, organizing and arranging are very Emperor type things to do.

Are you like the Emperor? Do you love a clean house, organized drawers, everything in its place? Me too. Here’s the hitch – I don’t like actual cleaning. Since my maid staff has yet to materialize, how do I solve the problem????

Here’s a little trick I use when I’ve got a cleaning/organizing day on my hands. I do magical metaphor cleaning and so can you!

When I’m washing the dishes, I’m also washing negativity down the drain. If I hang laundry on the line – I’m airing out old ghosts so they can’t scare me any more! When I Windex windows and mirrors, I imagine fuzzy and confusing issues becoming clear. While making noise vacuuming, I let noise alert the universe – I’m here and looking for abundance!

The whole house can become a metaphor for you. In the basement – I consider deep, shadowy, subconscious issues. The first floor is about material concerns occurring in daily life. The second floor brings me to higher spiritual contemplations. The attic? I suppose a few bats and maybe even God dwells up there. Still working my way towards that. . .

Point is, with your favorite tunes blasting, you can create any fun magical metaphor you like and zip through once annoying chores!

You could also just hire a cleaning person and awesome if you can! The Emperor would approve of that too! The Emperor just wants it done – he doesn’t care how.

So, go ahead. Clear up your house, mind, body and soul in one shot!

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