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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot is an easy Tarot card to interpret literally. You can understand it as being in the drivers seat, having clear direction, speed, action, movement and clarity of vision. The Chariot Tarot card is also a reminder to enjoy the ride you are on, knowing where you want to go and getting there in an efficient manner.

A deeper meaning to the Chariot Tarot card was discussed one night at The Tarot School’s Monday night class. Wald and Ruth Ann had connected The Chariot to its path on the Cabalistic Tree of Life. They said the Chariot is the card that carries you from a high point on the tree downward and back up again. So, in effect, the Chariot carries you to higher places. That sounded great on an esoteric level but how does this affect me in a regular way?

Well, I was about to go get oral surgery. The Chariot appeared as my card of the day. Great, I thought. The Chariot means I’m zipping off to the doctor’s office. Duh – I knew that. It was only after the surgery that I understood exactly how the Chariot card was operating that morning.

During my two-hour procedure, I was heavily novicaned and laughing gassed but still wide-awake. I could hear the drilling, taste the harsh chemicals and feel the scraping. I sensed the string on my lips as the doctor sewed my gums back together. I had been reduced to a human craft project. Ugh.

I had two saving graces through those terrible hours, the music playing on my ipod (Madonna) and the fact that I had attached a piece of magical significance to the procedure. I mean, if you have to endure something disgusting, uncomfortable and gross, turn it around and make it work for you, right?

What the doctor was doing, in addition to healing my mouth, was reaching in and pulling out my ability to communicate. He was removing obstacles that had long stood in my way. He was clearing the way for better, more effective words to come out of my mouth and onto the pages that I write. By removing a wisdom tooth – he is uncovering my hidden inner wisdom. As he scraped away at my teeth, I am getting to the core of things that are important.

When I wasn’t imagining the surgery was helping my communication skills, I let the music take me away. I love entering a space where only music and rhythm exists. I can usually access this on the dance floor but was able to enter the same space that morning just by focusing in the music. I’m sure the laughing gas helped too.

From time to time I would float back to the chair I was splayed out in like a character held hostage in a horror flick. It occurred to me it was the function of the Chariot Tarot card that allowed me to rise up out of that dentist chair and focus in something greater.

Now, I understood how the Chariot could really be a connection to higher realms or to your higher self. I understood why the Chariot had appeared as my card of the day.

Any time you actively and intentionally do higher spiritual work you are engaging the Chariot card. When you try to affect your dreams, do visualizations, enhance your psychic ability you have put yourself in the driver’s seat. Astral travel, active day dreaming, affirmations and spell work all engage the Chariot card. So, the question is, where do you want to travel today?

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