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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Death Tarot Card

The Death Card

The Death Tarot card’s meanings are easily graspable and intuitive. An old-fashioned understanding of the Death card meant physical death. A modern interpretation is that the Death card is about transformation. The Death card marks a boundary where your life is altered. The Death card also means something is finished for good.

But there is a subtle understanding of the Death card too – if you have the stomach for it, hold my hand and we’ll gaze at it a while.

Have you ever experienced the Death of a loved on? Think of the emotional state it puts you in. I’m not talking about the grief you feel. I’m talking about the strange quality your life then takes on when in the company of “Death”.

Discovering someone who knew has died puts you in a strange, murky place – I know, understatement of the year!

The moment you are informed a person you love has passed away – normal time ceases. Your 12:30pm lunch appointment looses all importance. Suddenly, colors, people, life – everything looks different. You move through the grieving process and hours, days, weeks, or months later you return to your normal state of being.

It is that odd – stepping out of time quality that interests me in regard to the Death card. The Death card in a reading can explain the ending of something so major that it throws everything off kilter for a while before balance is resumed.

I was disconcerted when the Death card appeared for me yesterday. Death was also the card we studied last night at The Tarot School.

The full moon mocked me while walking home last night. “What moon? What do you want?” I kept asking. Today at 1:00pm, I found out what that moon and the Death card were portending. Due to random economic factors – my husband and I lost what was responsible for 70% of our income.

Hello Death.

Howdy Change.

How are you Transformation? My name’s Sasha and the pleasure’s all mine.

I know everything will be okay. Money comes and goes. We’ll bounce back – we always do. I’m writing about our finances because at the moment – I’m in that sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable place where my life looks vastly different than it did this morning when I woke up.

In the days, weeks and months to come, my life will regain its even keel. But when balance resumes – I get the feeling I’ll be sitting in a vastly different place.

And Death has a habit of doing that doesn’t it?

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