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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Bathtub Tarot Meditation

Tarot Meditation

I’d like to share my favorite technique for Tarot meditation with you. One of the best ways to get inside, understand and explore a Tarot card is to meditate into it. Meditating into a card is also a fantastic way to speak to the archetypes in the card, and ask for guidance or messages.

Just like you, I’d spend every day of my life at a spa, if I could. Since daily spa treatments are out of the question, I’ve turned my bathroom into a spa-like retreat. See my bathroom in the picture above. There’s my daughter hovering near the tub.

The color is soothing, towels soft and fluffy and plenty of yummy bath products on hand. This environment lends itself perfectly to Tarot Meditation. I often prepare the bathroom in the same fashion for guests, offering them a restorative soak sans Tarot.

  1. Fill you bathroom with candles, scented if you like.

  2. Add a ton of Sea Salt to your bath water as Salt is purifying.

  3. Create a soothing music mix on your ipod (sometimes my hubby will spin records for me!)

  4. Have a cold glass of water close by.

  5. Hop in the tub and spend a good five minutes relaxing. If you like, use your mind’s eye to explore each section of your body as you relax it.

  6. Open your eyes and look at the wall ahead of you (I use the window at the foot of my tub – same shape as a Tarot card!).

  7. Imagine a Tarot card taking shape in front of you. It can be as large or small as you like. You can decide ahead of time who will appear or just wait and see which card pops up.

  8. Continue watching what happens to the card. Perhaps, it speaks to you. Perhaps, you converse with it.

  9. Is music playing within the card? What does the voice of the card sound like? Feminine, masculine, raspy, sing songy?

  10. Explore the outer boundaries, beyond the border of the card. What does the landscape look like?

The rest is pretty much up to you. Explore, play and have a great time.

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