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The Six of Pentacles

Beauty. Giving. Receiving.

All the sixes in Tarot rest in the center of the Tree of Life. This perfect center is called Beauty. Pentacles concern themselves with the material world, physical things, money, our flesh, homes, cars, and flowers – everything we can touch, feel and see. So, the Six of Pentacles Tarot card is the beauty of the physical world and open exchange between giving and receiving.

We can look at the practical aspects too. You can gaze at the Six of Pentacles and ponder which figure you might be. Do you receive charity or give to charity? Are you usually spending or receiving? If you are donating, to charity for instance, do you do so out of genuine concern or because it makes you feel superior? If you find yourself on the receiving end, how does it feel looking for the next handout? What might you do to help yourself up off the ground?

You can also look at the Six of Pentacles in Tarot as how we infuse our attention onto the things we pay for. Thanks to The Secret and other modern reality/awareness books, there is much talk about where we place our attention. What we focus on, we magnify. When we spend money onto something, it is another a way in which we direct our attention. Think for a moment. What you spend the most of your income on? My guess is – housing and food. Are you getting your monies worth? This is not about prestige, name brands and who can afford a multi-million dollar McMansion. This is about quality. You probably spend a good deal on your rent/mortgage. Is your home an oasis, a retreat for you? Do you spend a ton of money on food? If so, is it fresh, healthy food or is it frozen, fat laden, fast food. Point is, you are putting your money and attention on something. You should make it the clearest, kindest expression of who you are. You honor yourself with your financial choices. If you are fortunate enough to be in the position to donate money, time and energy to a worthy cause, by all means do it!

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