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The Moon

The Subconscious. Cycles. Strangeness.

The Moon in Tarot, as in life, has a mysterious, luminous quality about it. One thing I always remind myself of when the Moon appears as my Tarot of the day or in a reading is that the Moon card shares the cyclical nature of the real moon and its lunar cycles. Therefore, if you are experiencing something that feels off, uncomfortable or strange, rest assured, it will run its course and eventually disappear.

When I quit smoking, I was struck by mad, insane nicotine cravings, even though I’d been hypnotized to stop. One thing that really helped me was knowing the cravings were only temporary. That they would soon pass.

It is worth remembering that all emotions are just that – emotion. They will soon melt into something else. If you get swept up in a moment of anger, just breath, it will pass. Feeling green with envy? Stop yourself for a moment, it will disappear. Caught up in a moment of pure bliss? By all means, enjoy it!

If you look at The Moon card and notice you are feeling off, try to examine, understand and deal with your emotions it to the best of your ability. The moon swings back around to full and so will your issues if you don’t deal with them. My nicotine addiction was soon conquered but I was left with the emotional void that the cigarettes once filled.

Today is, coincidentally, the New Moon! The moon is dark, and it is the perfect day to be working with The Moon card in Tarot. I enjoy knowing which lunar phase is occurring and incorporating that energy into my life. For instance, since today is a New Moon, I look at this as blank slate energy. Monday – fresh start, new moon, new week, new opportunities. As the moon grows larger, or waxes, over the next two weeks towards a full moon, I imagine all of the things I want to bring into my life. As the moon grows, so does my bank account! When the moon is full, you can utilize its powerful energy in a myriad of ways. Imagine it illuminating you, use it for psychic or dream work or just bask in its glow. Then, as the moon begins to shrink back or wane, think about what you want to get rid of, make smaller in your life. Think about reducing negativity, weight loss, stress. I find working with lunar cycles can add a great power boost to your life and help you feel mysteriously witchy!

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