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The Heirophant

Social Conformity. Established Religions and Traditions. Teacher.

Every time I draw the Heirophant I feel like I’m in for something big. Once, I heard he represented the Pope. Now, I’m not Catholic but the thought of any pope showing up to give me some message is pretty deep. Especially, if it was one of those corrupt popes from the Sixteenth Century like the one pictured on the card. Seriously, what nugget of wisdom or revelation would come out of this card and how would it play a part in my day?

It was a school holiday so I took my daughter to a musical for kids on the Upper West Side. The great news about children’s theater in NYC is that there is such a great pool of talent in New York that children’s theater is often pretty good. Much was the case with this show and a good friend happened to be playing eight characters in the production.

After a quick pizza slice, we went home and I decided to pull apart my girl’s room, clean and put an ocean themed decal pattern on her wall. What ensued was not the prettiest display of my personality or my greatest day as a role model. She, being four, wanted to help put up the decals, stand on the latter and get completely involved in what I was doing. I was very snippy with her all afternoon. In truth, there was no reason for it. She’s only a kid. I know, as a mom, I’m her biggest teacher. I often enjoy feeling sorry for myself that I had no grand teacher, no father figure and I’ll mope around about it. What I need to remember is I can provide exactly that for my little girl. What I’m so sore about not having, I can give to her. Through that I can heal myself and help her create an amazing life for herself. The trick is remembering this on a moment to moment basis and on days where my patience is running short.

That evening, before sleep, I listened to a guided meditation that calls for you to go inward, to a deep place and seek inner wisdom. I was literally are looking for my inner teacher. It did not occur to me until this moment that I was searching for my inner Heirophant. I got about half way there last night and I plan on trying it again tonight. The amazing thing about tarot is that it is teaching me to find all the answers I seek inside myself. I don’t need to look for it externally because all my truth, my answers already lie within me. But that doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Get it?

Think about the role of teachers, mentors in your life. Who has had the greatest influence and who pops into your mind? Do you ever wish there was someone who had the answers you were searching for? What truths are you seeking out? Perhaps this person resides inside of you. See what you can do to seek out inner wisdom. I guarantee it is there!

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