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The World

Give me the World Tarot card any day, in any reading and it will make me exceptionally happy. When first memorizing the tarot cards, my World mantra was “success, euphoria, completion, travel.” Sound good to any of you? Yeah, me too.

When the World appears as a Tarot card of the day, I am reminded I have everything I need at this very moment. If you stop and really consider this thought, it’s rather deep, chewy and worth mulling over. You have everything you need in this moment.

The World card represents the end of a cycle. Just think, everything you’ve accomplished, worked for, suffered through, laughed at, has brought you to this moment. You are, in fact, living the World card right now. When you live in the moment and find peace in the present, you live in unity with the universe. This is what many New Age philosophers state, including Eckart Tolle.

So, we can now understand that the World Tarot card can represent you. The World Tarot card can also represent something to strive for. Happy as I am typing this, there are still many things I wish to accomplish. You can examine your wishes, dreams and goals and view them through the kaleidoscope of the World card. How your hopes will manifest themselves and how rich, lovely and complete they will be.

The World card has a wonderful way of reminding you that the world itself makes everything available. Everything you need to be satisfied in your life. Take a minute to gaze at the World card and imagine you are the dancer. The universe is swirling around you with opportunity, laughter, richness, depth, love, adventure and infinite possibility. The World asks you to remove any blinders you may be wearing and step forward into the dance. 

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