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The Six of Cups

Trip Down Memory Lane. Comfort. Old Friends.

The Six of Cups is a lovely card. Cups represent feelings and emotions. Sixes in Tarot always imply Beauty. The Six of Cups is the beauty of feeling and emotion. The youthful figures on the card imply friendship from childhood. This card could specifically mean an old friend. We’ve all been surprised when we make a new friend and it feels we’ve known them our whole lives. Six of Cups talks about those relationships too. It could also represent a romantic relationship with a soul mate. There is an essence of giving, as depicted in the picture. This reminds us that fulfilling relationships are reciprocal. Giving feels as good as receiving. The essence of this card may also be applied to a home or a place that provides a sense of deep comfort.

When I pulled this card, my thoughts went immediately to my daughter. I saw the figures on this card as the two of us. I thought back to the years before she was born. Always sure I would have a girl, I tried to imagine what she might be like. The Six of Cups implies comforting childhood memories. I am reminded that I am creating this for her. I can only hope I am doing a good job of ensuring her memories are good ones. I made an extra effort all day to make sure I was giving. As always, the most important thing you can give to a child is your love and attention. Just what the Nine of Cups is filled with.

I also can use this card to travel back in my mindset to when I was a kid. I find this useful in coming around to my center. You know how when you are a kid you are in a different world than the grownups? You would never sleep late on Christmas morning, never get upset if the floor had crumbs on it, and never, ever feel guilty about eating a second piece of cake. We all had very certain ideas about the world when we were young and vowed never to be like the grownups. Looks like we became the grownups despite ourselves. When I get confused in my daily life, when I’m not quite sure what direction I should take, I think back. I put myself in my ten-year-old mind. It somehow lets all of the adult stress and responsibility slide away and I can just concentrate on what intuitively feels right. I find I make better and more honest decisions that way.

Think back to when you were a kid. When you very content. What made you happiest and the most fulfilled? Were you doing something artistic or athletic? Were you playing with friends or siblings or were you alone? What was important to you when you were 5? When you were 10? When you imagined your life as a grownup, what did you envision for yourself. Now consider your life at this moment. Have you been true to yourself?

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