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The Magician


Short on time! I’m pulling a card today and writing about it as if it were your card of the day. You got the Magician!

The Magician is a conduit. He directs energy into the tarot deck. This is the perfect card to pull on a Monday morning, the start of a new week. The Magician is quite masterful. He is able to clearly and concisely direct his energy. He has all four suits of tarot on his table, Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. These four suits, in their infinite combinations, create any situation, thing or person you can imagine. The Magician reminds you, you already have everything you need to create whatever you want. You, in fact, are the Magician.

You, like the Magician, direct energy. Not into a Tarot deck but into your life. Take a moment. What does your week look like? Are you excited for the next seven days or do you feel like crawling back into bed? What amazing feats are you planning on pulling off? If you could, in a moment, create a new situation for yourself, what would it be? If you could have complete control over the outcome of something, what would it be? Like the Magician, wherever you put your attention, you direct your energy. Use your energy, your inspiration, your magic, wisely. 

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