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Three of Cups


Happiness. Celebration. Friendship.

The Three of Cups is one of those tarot cards that require little explanation. One needs only to glance quickly at the card to get the sense of pleasure and companionship. It resides in the realm of cups, which means it contains all cup qualities: love, feelings, art, beauty and truth. The figures appear youthful, accompanied by the number three; this can imply a happy beginning. I find, however, the greatest quality of the Three of Cups is the celebratory quality of friendship and being around people who make you feel good.

I pulled this card yesterday and knew right away what it would apply to. We often focus on the things we want in the future. That is a great thing to do but I find it just as useful to focus on being grateful for the things, the people we already have. I looked at the Three of Cups and knew it represented my daughter, my husband and myself. We are so fortunate to be healthy and happy. I carried the image of the Three of Cups with me all day and each time I thought of the three of us, I was grateful. I also extended it in thinking about the wonderful friendships I have in my life and felt so grateful for those people.

You could focus on this card and imagine if you were inside the card, who would the other two revelers be? Would they be members of your family? Old friends? Coworkers? Do you recall the feelings you experienced the last time you made a good friend? Were you to make a toast at dinner tonight, what would you toast to? Who would you gather around your table? Even five minutes of thinking about the people you love can turn your entire day around! Try it.

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